We all know how fabulous our bodies feel after a great massage-but studies have shown that the positive benefits it has on our skin, hair, overall mental health and stress management are off the charts!

By massaging a gentle face cream in a gentle fluid motion around the face and neck daily -it revitalizes blood circulation leaving the skin looking nourished, plump and glowing. A great trick for reducing puffy eyes in the morning is lightly rubbing your eye cream in circles and then reversing the motion.

A well-known tip that really works is to massage the skin in an upward motion to prevent wrinkles and help skin from sagging.  Our blood flow increases significantly during a massage & plumps up tired skin immediately. The glorious result of lymphatic drainage that massages create adds incredible vitality & glow to dull complexions.

Weekly massages to the scalp also promote hair growth and health. It also helps with blood flow that can decrease dry scalp, itching and dandruff! Who knew? 

This can easily be done twice a week while washing hair in the shower. Great tip for both men and women!
February 7, 2014

Written By Amanda Gabbard
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