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Airbrush or Traditional makeup application for a wide array of occasions.


Television Appearances

Television & Film Productions

Red Carpet


Actors/Artist/Model Headshots

Modeling Sessions

Makeup Lessons/Tutorials (Individual & Group)/On Location Consultations

Corporate Shoots & Videos

Costume & Halloween

Social Events & Galas

Engagement Photos

Boudoir Shots

Special Occasions

Girls Night Out

Customized Facials for Men and Women


Makeup lessons are one of my most favorite things to do! I love making women feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. It brings me such joy to witness my clients “Aha!” moment!

What is it?

A makeup lesson is a great way to learn how to do basic every day makeup that looks natural and appropriate. It is also a wonderful opportunity to examine your daily routine and discover new ways to apply your favorite products and explore additional products to update your look.

Why do people need them?

Maybe you are new to wearing makeup and it feels too intimidating. Or maybe you don’t always have the time and money to hire a professional makeup artist when you have a special event to attend. There are a lot of women out there with drawers full of makeup that they never end up using or, quite frankly, don’t even know how. We end up using the same techniques that were learned years ago because they worked “back then”. With changing styles, shifting trends (highlighting?!?! contouring?!?!), new innovative products, and ever changing faces our makeup should evolve as well!

What you will learn with me!

My goal is to break it down for you, make it fun and easy to personalize your look. The trends that seem so foreign and confusing you will soon be mastering! You will learn how to:

  • Apply makeup to fit your individual facial features and lifestyle
  • Bring out your features and correct flaws
  • Take what products you have and find different ways to use them
  • Find the right colors that work best on you
  • Easily go from daytime to nighttime makeup
  • Differentiate brushes and how to properly use them
  • Most importantly, recreate it on your own with your personalized makeup guide!


  • Spray Tan
  • Hair Styling
  • Lashes (Customized Individual or Strip)
  • Eye Brow Grooming
    No wax or threading, only tweezers and scissors to get you the shape you want!