Here are my thoughts pertaining to the 'Daily Makeover' request as well as Alina's descriptions of our 'Orchidee Imperiale Cure Treatment', 'Signature' and 'Radiance' facials. I condensed the facial descriptions-feel free to change!

-I always tell my clients that an easy way rejuvenate skin is to exfoliate twice a week in the shower so the steam opens up our pores and we can get a deep clean! (Try 'Secrete De Purete Gentle' Polishing Exfoliator)

-Another quick fix -as crazy as it sounds- is to press a bag of frozen peas over our eyes and face to reduce redness and puffiness. The cold temperature magically tightens our pores!?!

-No matter how busy we are, we can make time for a mask:) Once or twice a week coat the face and neck with Guerlains soothing 'Super Aqua Mask' for instant results. Need extreme hydration? Indulge with the 'Orchidee Imperiale Mask.'

-Combining a few drops a of a luminous primer with your foundation is my personal favorite!  It has a fabulous light diffusing quality that makes my skin appear fresh and dewy!

-Lastly-Dust a light bronzer and/or highlighting powder all over the face to brighten and give the skin an instant radiant boost!  (Try 'Terra Cotta Bronzer' and 'Meteorites Illuminating Powder Perles').

Along with microdermabrasion, this treatment is focused on anti-aging, extractions and helps with pigmentation. It also includes a cold reviving mask and concentrated serum leaving the skin glowing!

Need a quick refresher but don't have much time? Stop in on your lunch break and receive our 'Radiant Facial'! After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, hydrating and plumping products are then used to rejuvenate the skin for a positively radiant complexion!

For the most intense and long lasting results-treat yourself to 'The Orchidee Imperiale Cure Treatment'. You will notice a dramatic improvement immediately. This treatment improves cellular turn over, renews, plumps, lifts and brightens while it evens out the surface of the skin. We suggest this facial twice a year to jump start your skin.
April 29, 2014
Written By Amanda Gabbard
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