Award Winner – Achievement in Hair and Makeup!

I have been meaning to get this on my blog for a while now!  I had the honor of being awarded "Achievement in Hair and Makeup" at the South Hampton International Film Festival for the film "Princess".  This was written and directed by Nat Derwin and starred the extremely talented Reagan Frankhouser.  Originally, I was hired as [...]

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The Art of Beauty with Makeup Artist and Esthetician Amanda Gabbard

The enormous amount of diverse experience professional makeup artist Amanda Gabbard has, will make you rethink what New York City could throw at you, only if you dare to go for it. Recently licensed as an esthetician in the state of New York, she has been part of the Big Apple for 16 years now. [...]

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A Real Housewife of NY and The “Orchid Show”

I recently had the opportunity to meet the fabulous in person Real Housewife of New York Carole Radziwill!  She was even more beautiful in person - not to mention her fabulous cheekbones! I had the honor of doing her makeup for the 'Orchid Show' at New York's Botanical Gardens. Guerlain hosted the event and Carole [...]

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Aesthetics Advocate Dr. Veronica Greene and Entrepreneurs Use LinkedIn to Launch Major Business Alliance

August 20, 2014 marked the official launch of the NY Aesthetics Professional Alliance (NYAPA) Summit Series and a LinkedIn success story for the community of personal enhancement practitioners. The foundation of this online business networking model and the performance of LinkedIn's matchmaking environment inspired further plans for a major business resource network for the aesthetic [...]

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