Rule #1- Always wash your face morning and night! Sometimes we get lazy or have a late night and want to skip rinsing our face-stash a packett of makeup wipes by your bedside to make it easy!

Rule #2- Use a Toner with a cotton ball after cleansing face in the evening. Toner helps rid skin of any dirt, oil and residue left from the day and wipes away leftover makeup! Make sure you get the neck as well:)

Rule #3- ALWAYS moisturize!!! Morning and night! No matter how fabulous your makeup is-it won't look right without proper skincare and a hydrated base!

Rule #4- Exfoliate TWICE a week in the shower with a gentle scrub. The steam from the shower will open up pores allowing our skin to get a deep clean!

 Rule #5- SPF 30-Everyday!SPF 30 is the magic number for daily sun protection. Anything higher than SPF 30 clogs pores and leaves a shiny white film on the skin and anything lower than SPF 30-simply doesn't protect our delicate skin from the sun's rays.

Rule #6- Clean your makeup brushes once a month with an inexpensive baby shampoo in warm water and let air dry! Baby Shampoo doens't contain any uneccessary components and does a fabulous basic clean!

February 10, 2014
Written By Amanda Gabbard
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