Beauty Tips and Tricks to Avoid that Cause Wrinkles

 -Hydrate! (caffeine and alcohol can act as a diuretic and dehydrate the skin resulting in lines and wrinkles. For every cup of Joe and every Mojito-be sure to even it out with a glass of H20!
Number One Rule-SPF!! Sun exposure is the most damaging cause of premature aging. SPF or simple layer of foundation is the most important factor to keep UV rays from causing wrinkles.
All year long be sure to use an SPF moisturizer. And yes-even when it's cloudy outside, those pesky UV rays are still getting through! ( Try Super Aqua Day Cream w/SPF or Lingerie du peau, light foundation with spf)

(Try Super Aqua Optimum Hydration Revitalizing Mask)

-Going to bed without washing your face causes blemishes, clogged pores and sagging skin. Keep a stash of cotton balls & a jar of Secret De Purete' Cleansing Cream by your bed! No rinsing needed so no excuse!:)

Beauty Tips and Tricks to Avoid that Cause Wrinkles-Too much stress and not enough sleep equals-Wrinkles! Stress and fatigue can manifest unhealthy results both inside and out. When in a pinch-Use - Guerlain's Midnight Secret- to reboost the skin!

-As crazy as it sounds-sleeping on your side can induce wrinkles! Can't a girl get a break? To prevent those stubborn 'sleep creases'-Use a thick nourishing night cream to soften skin while you slumber:) (Orchidee' Imperiale Rich Cream) and a satin pillowcase.

Written By Amanda Gabbard
March 17, 2014
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